Want to Know What’s Funny About Saving the Rainforest?

The Three Types of People in the World
When it comes to the environment, there are three types of people in this world –

Rainforest Alliance

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  1. People who don’t care about the carbon footprint that they’re leaving behind.
  2. People who are conscious of the damage that they’re causing to the environment, but feel too overwhelmed to do anything about it.
  3. People who devote time and effort to making sure that they’re living an eco-friendly lifestyle. If asked which of these types a person would want to be, hopefully most, if not all people would answer #3. So how can a person be a #3 without feeling too overwhelmed and becoming a #2?

What is Rainforest Alliance?
Rainforest Alliance is just one of many great organizations that works to preserve this beautiful planet by saving one of its most valuable resources – the rainforests. One of the things that makes the Rainforest Alliance unique is that it tries to help people and groups find the balance between what is taken from the rainforest, and what is put back. Oftentimes this can be as simple as making sure that the methods used to harvest the rainforests’ vast resources are more eco-friendly, striking a balance between man and nature.

Saving the World, One Video at a Time
Imagery and content are powerful tools when it comes to not just grabbing a person’s attention, but holding it as well. In a day when high-definition 3D movies are having so much success, people walk out of theaters thinking about two things on both the unconscious and conscious levels – the movie’s plot, and how appealing the images were to them. Rainforest Alliance has embraced both of these factors to convey its message.

With their video posted on Vimeo, Rainforest Alliance took full advantage of the visual approach, depicting the rainforest through visually stunning and soothing images. The images are so pure that a viewer will want to just jump through the screen, and directly into the locations where it was filmed.

They took a different approach with their “Follow the Frog” video. With this video, it was more about the content. Of the many content methods available such as drama and action, Rainforest Alliance used comedy to get the populations’ attention. For almost all of the three minute video, Rainforest Alliance keeps you amused and paying attention as they list all of the extreme things that a person SHOULDN’T do to save the rainforest. After showing a wealth of extreme, comical scenarios, Rainforest Alliance then says what should be done. The balance the video strikes shows how easy it is to help the rainforest, simply by purchasing Rainforest Alliance approved products. After truly exaggerating the overwhelming aspects of saving the rainforest, a person sees just how easy it is to help.