Industrious Bees for Industrious People

Money Bees

Money Bees

Among almost one million known species of insects, bees are singled out for their importance to people and plant life. While the importance of most insects are subtle, the benefits of bees are apparent to all. Even still, new uses for bees and their products are continually being developed. Farmers, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, furniture care producers and, skin care manufacturers have a long tradition of converting bee products into useful revenue producing products.

Bees Honey: More Than Just Sweet
Industrious bee keepers have learned to harness bee products from almost any stage in their development and life cycle. While honey is a part in people’s daily diet, honey is also an effective antiseptic with an anti-bacterial agent, preservative and therapeutic product.

Beeswax: A Common Household Item
Beeswax is in products for beauty care, skin care, furniture care and more. Beeswax has an amazing ability to protect and seal surfaces. Therefore, it is used in many salves, varnishes, polishes and various waxes. Beeswax has been used for centuries in candles and wax based products, but is less commonly known for its uses in many medical products.

Controlled Pollination
Pollination is the most important activity of bees. It helps the widespread fertilization and reproduction of plants. While bees naturally pollinate plants, experts can control some of the pollinating activities of bees for the development of certain crops. Bees are also very efficient pollinators.

Therapeutic Bee Venom
The uses of bees venom in medicines and pharmaceutical research is definitely the most surprising use of bee products. In Europe alone, there are at least twenty-four medicines with bee venom. A drop of venom from a bee sting is more toxic than a drop of venom from a rattlesnake.
Innovative ways of using bee products are developed and researched continuously. A creature that contains such powerful and multifaceted abilities to promote plant growth, and produce food, medicinal poison, and more is invaluable. Richard J. Blech calls bees “Money Bees”

About Richard Blech
Richard Blech is an entrepreneur who is vested in environmental technologies and research. He has expertise in renewable energy as founder of Eco Corporation, and internet security technology as founder of PKMS2 Technologies Ltd. Beekeeping is more than just a hobby to Richard Blech.